7 January 2010

snowed in

we have been well and truly snowed in all week.

the sun is out this morning
so we think it's going to melt soon & we can
then attempt to get out of our steep snowy driveway.
we have a few orders that should be posted
so hopefully we can get to the post office today.

if we can't get out, glenn has to finish designs for commissions
and I have lantern orders to get done - it's too cold for the
workshop today, so we'll stack up the woodburner,
stay indoors & keep warm.

we have a few more thankyou's to everyone that mentioned
our work over the last month - we spied our leaf lanterns
and other pieces on quite a few blogs, thankyou very much:
anastasia & paul at design squish, landscapegoat,
brittni at paper n stitch, kathryn, amor fati,
isa at blueberry fields, luisella at lulu thinks,
alysia at blue hour designs, lisa at lou lou & oscar,
liza at postcards from colorado and here.

{let us know if we have missed anyone}

{images: snow set all copyright © pachadesign 2010}


  1. Hello Snowbunnies,

    In the 80s here. Yes, your leaf lanterns are making quite a style statement on le blog. Congratulations for that.

    Are they sold in CA?

    Marjorie in Carmel

  2. thanks Marjorie - the lanterns aren't sold anywhere in CA but I can send you prices for posting them to you, if you would like.

  3. Greetings,

    I just found your site through google images and I am really enjoying your designs and then to find a blog that is updated often...Really enjoying all of it.