5 December 2009

a few thankyou's

before we tell you a bit more about what we have been doing over the last week or two, and give you details about our 1st ever xmas open studio (next weekend) - we wanted to say a few thankyou's for the press we have had lately.

thanks to Cathy for the interview that she did with us about why commissioning furniture is often the greenest option - Cathy writes an eco column for House & Garden magazine and the article is in the Dec 09 issue.

one of the blogs we love and always look at is Remodelista so when
we saw our oak edge and slate dining table featured on
the blog we were really really pleased!
thanks to Julie for featuring our work here.

the new look Wildcurl site is now online - it's a great website to find out what is going on in North Devon - it lists events, gigs, films, places to stay, places to eat, surf reports and so much more. Helen, who runs the site, has kindly put some info about us along with images of our work in the magazine section - take a look here.

thanks to the London Lisbonite blog for featuring our leaf lanterns
in the post "in honour of the humble tea-light" - it was a
lovely surprise to come across your post.

and thanks again to the lovely Gigi at The Magpie's Fancy for putting the leaf lanterns she bought from us with her treasures and photographing them so beautifully and using the image as the header on her lovely blog.

{we hope we haven't missed anyone - let us know if we have}

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