14 May 2009

our materials: reclaimed oak

we thought we would tell you a little more about the materials that we use for our furniture & accessories. They are a huge part of what we do and picking the right piece of wood or slate or metal for each piece that we design is very important to us.

reclaimed oak:
sometimes we take forever looking through old oak joists, dock blocks, old floorboards & old fence posts to choose the best bits to buy, which isn't always easy as the oak isn't beautifully clean, straight, sanded pieces when we first find them. They are weathered, dirty and very dark, so it's only until we start to work with them that the warm colour underneath is revealed. We try not to change them too much (we obviously clean them up quite a bit) but it is the decay and rawness and imperfections that we love.
our reclaimed oak is salvaged from local shipyards, skips, farmyards, building sites & our local tip.

we use reclaimed oak in our designs for coffee tables, dining tables, benches, and console tables, as well as tea-light blocks and mirrors (look out for our new reclaimed oak mirror design on the website soon).
the reclaimed oak on our furniture is finished with an eco hard wax oil that protects & seals it but doesn't change the look and feel of it and keeps it to a matt finish.

next: reclaimed cornish slate

images: top left: low steel and oak coffee table top right: oak edge & slate dining table with benches bottom left: square oak coffee table bottom right: off-set oak console table

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