27 January 2010

louise loder

we love these tools & vessels by louise loder

a mix of silver, driftwood and beach find,
the objects are beautiful in their simplicity


24 January 2010

wilson a. bentley - snowflakes

Wilson A. Bentley was the first person to capture the image
of a single snowflake with a camera

fascinated with snowflakes, Bentley rigged up a microscope
to a bellows camera and took images of individual snowflakes

the year was 1885 and the technology became known as

in 1931, Bentley's groundbreaking book "Snow Crystals", recorded
the beautiful designs and fragility of 2,500 snowflakes

"under the microscope, I found that snowflakes were miracles
of beauty; & it seemed a shame that this beauty should not
be seen & appreciated by others.
every crystal was a masterpiece of design, & no one design
was ever repeated.
when a snowflake melted, that design was forever lost."

a few weeks after his book was published, Wilson A. Bentley,
walking through a blizzard, caught pneumonia and died.

{read & see more here}

23 January 2010

work and snow

we have had a strange couple of weeks
and missing the snow a little now.
it made everything look bigger.

we've been busy with designs (mainly for commissions)
and tax returns (finally all finished), posting off orders
and talking to a couple of new interesting contacts about our work.

and working on some new stuff ..... let you know soon.

{image: snow copyright © pachadesign 2010}

15 January 2010

new on our website

we have put our lamps and our oak and slate coffee table
that were featured in the latest Country Homes & Interiors
magazine on our website now


8 January 2010

country homes & interiors mag feb '10

as promised, here are some of the other images from the
Nature's Beauty photoshoot for Country Homes & Interiors magazine
that some of our work was used in,
with our slate & oak coffee table on the cover!

also included in the photos is our reclaimed oak & slate lamps,
our medium size reclaimed slate portrait mirrors
and our leaf lanterns.

thanks again to stylist Carol Wortley-Bishop,
styling assistant Tamara Kelly
and photographer Lucinda Symons.

to see more, the feb '10 issue is out to buy now and you can
check out the editor Rhonda Parry's blog here

7 January 2010

snowed in

we have been well and truly snowed in all week.

the sun is out this morning
so we think it's going to melt soon & we can
then attempt to get out of our steep snowy driveway.
we have a few orders that should be posted
so hopefully we can get to the post office today.

if we can't get out, glenn has to finish designs for commissions
and I have lantern orders to get done - it's too cold for the
workshop today, so we'll stack up the woodburner,
stay indoors & keep warm.

we have a few more thankyou's to everyone that mentioned
our work over the last month - we spied our leaf lanterns
and other pieces on quite a few blogs, thankyou very much:
anastasia & paul at design squish, landscapegoat,
brittni at paper n stitch, kathryn, amor fati,
isa at blueberry fields, luisella at lulu thinks,
alysia at blue hour designs, lisa at lou lou & oscar,
liza at postcards from colorado and here.

{let us know if we have missed anyone}

{images: snow set all copyright © pachadesign 2010}

5 January 2010

new years day

a few images from our new years day walk

{p.s. we are snowed in today}

{images: new years day walk set
copyright © pachadesign 2010}

3 January 2010

a sneak peek

here is a little sneak peek at the photoshoot from the feb '10
issue of Country Homes & Interiors magazine -
the shoot took place back in oct '09 in a lovely house
in the cotswolds and our cornish slate & oak coffee table
was used, along with our reclaimed oak & slate lamp.
{a few other pieces of ours were used too - more details soon}

the feb '10 issue will be on sale 7th jan,
so we will show you more then.
{& details of the table & lamp will be on our website later this week}

2 January 2010


*happy new year*

{a day late, sorry}

we hope you all had a beautiful xmas & new years
thanks for all your xmas greetings.
we didn't wake up to snow on xmas day like we wished for
but it did snow a little last night.
it's a beautiful sunny clear day here in Welcombe today
so most of the snow has melted already, oh well.

we have a busy 2010 planned, lots of new projects and
lots to tell you about!

enjoy your weekend

{image: new years day '10 copyright © pachadesign 2010}