28 October 2009

featured artists: paul anderson

we have alot in common with our friend Paul when it comes
to our attitude towards creating work, how it's created
and what materials are used.

we share a passion for old, salvaged oak with
holes and cracks and rusty nails -
but while we may plane & sand & straighten a little more,
Paul leaves his treasured finds in a much more raw state
and carefully & thoughtfully pieces them together to produce
stunning thrones, benches, shrines, sculptures .....

for those of you who came to the love factor exhibition
back in april, you will have seen a selection of his work.

sometimes incorporating colour & figurative elements,
sometimes new oak as a contrast to the old,
Paul's pieces are each beautiful and unique.

cavern collection

if we close our eyes tight enough
and imagine hard enough

we could be in the desert

cavern collection: desert wind


images above: justin hollar

cavern collection flagship shop
1645 n. las palmas blvd
ca 90028

27 October 2009

simple home

the last week has sort of felt a little like the calm
before the storm for us, even though we have still
been pretty busy & working hard -
it's just that any minute now it's going to get hectic,
really hectic.

the 3 months lead up to xmas is always busy for us,
making work for galleries, exhibitions & shows,
fitting in commissions, delivering work,
sourcing materials, designing mail outs,
applying for summer shows (in winter!) .......
....... the list goes on ......

busy busy busy
and it's getting dark so early now

but we did manage to sit down and have a look through
our copy of Simple Home,
the new book by Mark & Sally Bailey

the book is full of beautiful images by Debi Treloar,
perfectly calming & serene, just what we need right now.
there are some lovely pictures of Parma Lilac, the stunning
house and showroom of Jamie Jackson
(we haven't been there yet, but would love to).

Simple Home is published by Ryland Peters and Small
and you can click here for the book details and an interview
with Mark & Sally Bailey.
and have a peek inside the book here.

{all photographs in Simple Home are by Debi Treloar and are
copyright ©
Ryland Peters and Small}

21 October 2009

featured artists: rick hall

we thought we'd show you some of our friend Rick's work
as he has recently finished his new website.
Rick also lives in Welcombe - for those of you who came
to the Welcombe Open Studios in the summer,
you may have visited his studio and know his work.

Rick's art involves screen-print, lithography, etching,
paint and pen & ink, and harmonography.
no computers.

His beautiful work is available to buy through his website.


our oak and slate dining table

we sold one of our beautiful oak & slate dining tables with benches
to a lovely lady we met at the weekend.
we will be delivering it in a couple of weeks time and
are really looking forward to seeing where it will be going.

we use locally sourced reclaimed oak and cornish slate
for this piece with all finishes & glues being eco-friendly.

for more of our furniture - click here


20 October 2009

a topsy turvy week

we have had a week of mixed emotions
(to say the least)

stuff we won't go into

so I'm feeling a little bit like
alice in wonderland today

I thought these images kind of fit my mood perfectly.
they are from the Bjørg jewellery website that my cousin jackie
sent me a link to today - great website & photography & video -
and she will be stocking a collection of the Bjørg jewellery
in her shop soon too - details below.

jewellery by Bjørg

collection available soon at my cousin jackie's lovely shop:

lance james the jewellers
15 market place
sg14 1dq

tel: 01992 534 555

{pop in and say hi}

16 October 2009

featured artists: the jumblebox consortium

the jumblebox consortium
jez, zac & morgan

good friends of ours
fellow surfers
jam night regulars
excellent musicians
good people

we like them & we like their music
an eclectic mix of folk & metal, jazz & soundtrack
pretty wild & free

their self titled, hand-made debut album is out now.

in limited editions of 50, each edition being different from the last,
the album is hand-made by the band using recycled card & paper
with stitching on the case & inner book and with a beautiful
illustration by friend Andrew Wightman.

listen here look here buy here

{p.s. our 100th post - dedicated to good pals}

15 October 2009

woodfair: part 2

was set in the grounds at Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset
and we managed to wander around them one evening after the
show had closed and also early in the morning before it opened to
take some pictures.

the place is so beautiful and I did get a little obsessed by the
lovely little tower that was covered in orange/pink lichens ....
it seemed to change colour depending on the light.
the floor inside had a lovely mosaic & the ceiling was stunning,
like a sculptured sun.

if you get a chance to visit the gardens, you must.


{part 1 here}

woodfair: part 1

as promised we thought we would show you some images that we
took at Woodfair. The setting was beautiful ... (more about
Larmer Tree Gardens in the next part) and we saw some beautiful
sunsets .... and rain clouds.

we had very mixed feelings about the show and it didn't help that
we had to set up in the rain and mud.
there was some great stuff at the show, lots of conservation stands
and some lovely traditional old crafts still being practiced, but the
shopping marque that we were in wasn't reserved just for
designer makers with their own original ideas, designs
and work unfortunately.

there were a handful of stands that were good, like
Jonathan Garratt with his beautiful terracotta pots & tableware,
and our friend David Baker had new work on show, but most of the
stands were traditional woodwork rather than original design.

we enjoyed meeting Terry and his son Lee from Dorset Coppicing Ltd
who made some really lovely traditional work, like besom brooms
and the old fashioned tent pegs, ect.

despite the weather we still had a good show.
we caught up with some old friends, chatted to some lovely people,
made a few new contacts & sold out of lanterns.

{part 2 soon}