23 July 2009

featured artists: chris taylor

we've known Chris for a while now, ever since he shared a pottery in Hartland and obviously from shows and exhibitions. We really like his work and are lucky enough to own a few pieces - we have one of his lovely vases and a set of mugs too.

his work is made from white earthenware clay & decorated with colourful slips.
We love the simplicity of the markings, the fluidity, the japanese influence.

his range includes bowls, mugs and vases.
you can see more of his work on his new website
(with more images coming soon).



  1. Chris's work is great isn't it - I'm a fan too. he's also my tutor at college!

  2. Yeah, we love his stuff and he's such a lovely guy too, we always look forward to seeing him at shows. Glad you like his work too.