5 January 2010

new years day

a few images from our new years day walk

{p.s. we are snowed in today}

{images: new years day walk set
copyright © pachadesign 2010}


  1. Heard about all the snow, my mum's supposed to be travelling back to the UK tomorrow but heavy snow is planned...

    Lovely photos, remind me of the landscape near Minack in Cornwall.

  2. deborah - I think we will be snowed in today & tomorrow .... but maybe thursday will be okay (although, I'm not complaining because it looks so lovely) ... but not good for anyone who needs to be travelling I guess.

    glad you like the pics ... the 1st 3 are Shipload Bay near Hartland Point, just along the coast from us, and the last one is our beach here in Welcombe.

    We love that part of Cornwall .. Porthcurno & Treen beaches are both stunning and the Minack Theatre on the headland is amazing.

  3. how lovely! happy new year :)

  4. thanks monica, hope you had a lovely xmas & new years