8 January 2010

country homes & interiors mag feb '10

as promised, here are some of the other images from the
Nature's Beauty photoshoot for Country Homes & Interiors magazine
that some of our work was used in,
with our slate & oak coffee table on the cover!

also included in the photos is our reclaimed oak & slate lamps,
our medium size reclaimed slate portrait mirrors
and our leaf lanterns.

thanks again to stylist Carol Wortley-Bishop,
styling assistant Tamara Kelly
and photographer Lucinda Symons.

to see more, the feb '10 issue is out to buy now and you can
check out the editor Rhonda Parry's blog here


  1. hey great stylish images
    i must get a table like that
    oh no wait i already have one!
    fab advertising for you, well done S n G!
    nic x

  2. Congratulations! Your pieces look absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to get my issue. x Gigi

  3. lovely feature, looks fabulous!

  4. kathryn - thankyou so much.

    nic - cheers, glad you like the pics.

    gigi - thanks, we were really pleased with how they came out.

    sarah - thankyou.

  5. I am so glad I found this - a while ago I remember seeing a table of yours somewhere and then forgetting who made it -but I was reading CH and I and was so happy to finally get your details! I work for a company who build oak framed houses and one of our clients featured in the same issue so it was a very happy coincidence. Love your pieces and your blog and will try to add a link from mine if I can. Congrats on the magazine.

  6. hi merry,

    thanks for getting in touch and complimenting us on our work - glad you like our designs and that you found us again through the mag.

    do let us know the name of the oak framed houses company you work for and also your blog address (couldn't find it from your profile) - and a link would be great. We haven't done our blog link list yet, but we'll add a link back to you when we do.

    thanks again for your lovely comment,

    sammy & glenn

  7. Hi again
    I work for my fathers company called Border Oak (borderoak.com) and my (very amateurish I'm afraid - and nowhere near as pretty as yours!) blog is:
    I really want to find the time to play around with all the possibilities but life keeps getting in the way - but when I do fathom out the links I will add your super stuff.
    best wishes