16 July 2009

shigeru ban

"I'm only interested in making something different.
I have no interest in following fashion.
And when you look at the history of architecture, when somebody
develops a new type of structure or material,
a new type of architecture emerges.
I like to develop my own structural systems & materials to make the work my own."

- Shigeru Ban

paper house

maison E

wall-less house

villa kuru

curtain wall house

naked house

japan pavillion

maison E

paper - bamboo - wood - glass - material - nature

transparent - open - fluid - elegant


image credits: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - Hiroyuki Hirai. 2 & 8 - Nikolas Koenig.


  1. thanks Matt, I thought you would like them. He is one of our favourite architects - we love the way he uses paper tubes and gives some of his buildings "skin".