15 September 2009

j.morgan puett - part two: clothing & stores

from 1984 to circa 2001
J.Morgan Puett designed seasonal clothing collections
based on early American textiles
and contemporary styling.

her retail spaces in Manhatten were like art installations,
with industrial props, old rocking chairs,
curtains dipped in beeswax - an exploration of rural
and artisanal references present
in her clothing.

we'd like to have seen them.


incase you missed part one .... mildred's lane click here

1 comment:

  1. I just found your blog through pia jane bijkerk, and I am so inspired! I've never seen her work or Mildred's Lane before. I'm so stunned and moved by these images. Thank you so much for featuring her. I'll be back here to visit often!