18 May 2009

our materials: reclaimed cornish slate

we have told you a little about where our reclaimed oak is sourced, now we'll explain about the reclaimed slate that we use.

reclaimed cornish slate:
like all of our materials, we spend alot of time sourcing & choosing the right pieces. The slate comes from old buildings and are sometimes so dirty that it's impossible to see the colours and markings underneath. It's alot of work cleaning them up, sometimes having to chip away at cement and bitumen just to get to the slate. But once we have cleaned them up we can see the beautiful colours and markings in each piece, a mixture of deep & light blues, little patches of rusty orange, greys, browns and blacks, and sometimes a real defined contrast of lights & darks. Every single piece of slate is different which makes each thing that we make unique.

Glenn hand cuts each piece and then polishes the slate to reveal more of the colours that have occured due to the slate being weathered for years and years and years. We use reclaimed cornish slate in our accessories range for our mirrors, ranging from small portrait ones to huge sculptural panoramic ones. We also make a range of clocks from this beautiful slate, polishing a circle for the face of the clock so it's really smooth and leaving the rest of the slate slightly textured.

next: steel

images: top left: small portrait mirror top right: large square clock bottom left: panoramic mirror bottom right: long rectangular clock

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