10 December 2009

glenn's wish: emmeline hastings sculpture

another artist's work we saw at "wrapped up", when we went to
give The Devon Guild more of our mirror's,
was Emmeline Hastings stunning sculptures.

we both loved them, but Glenn spied them first and was
really taken with them - they looked beautifully fluid and light,
almost like tiny little feathers.

Emmeline's pieces are inspired by the visualisation
of sound and music - the sculptures are her interpretation
of hearing & feeling the vibrations of these sounds.

Using perspex, stainless steel and silver, Emmeline creates beautiful
tactile sculptures that give optical effects and the illusion of movement.

to see more of her work, you can visit her website {here}
and she has some lovely pieces on show at The Devon Guild
xmas exhibition "wrapped up", on until 3rd jan 2010.

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