8 December 2009

thanks pia!

a big big thankyou to pia for including our
little leaf lanterns on her "holiday gift ideas for the home"

such a lovely surprise!

pia's blog is one of our favourites, always full of beautiful things,
inspiring photography & words, and sounds sometimes too!
and lovely stories from her houseboat in Amsterdam

so we were thrilled when we spied our leaf lanterns on her
recent post .... thanks pia.

be sure to check out the rest of pia's hoilday gift guides - she has
good ethics when it comes to how we should all think about
buying gifts - handmade, local, recycled, vintage - ethics that
we feel strongly about too.


  1. Hooray! One of my favorite blogs featuring work by some of my favorite designers/craftspeople. Your lanterns would make perfect holiday gifts, indeed.

    Thanks for the get-well wishes. I'm feeling better already. xo Gigi

  2. thanks gigi and glad you are feeling better now.

  3. That's wonderful news, well-deserved success.