13 December 2009

our xmas open studio ..... so far

we thought we'd show you a few pictures we took yesterday
of our xmas open studio here in Welcombe.
it was a beautiful sunny winter's day, quite chilly but we
had plenty of mince pies, snowflake biscuits & mulled wine
to keep our visitors warm.

we were open yesterday until 6pm, so as it got dark we put
little candles in jars everywhere and a few faery lights here & there.
it looked quite magical.

this morning is just as sunny and we are making another
batch of mince pies & biscuits, the mulled wine will
be ready for 11am too.

we will be open until 4pm today
hope you can visit us.

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  1. Absolutely stunning - it looks like the kind of place Santa would take Mrs Claus for a romantic evening!

  2. thankyou deborah, it did look nice with all the candles and faery lights in the dark