15 October 2009

woodfair: part 1

as promised we thought we would show you some images that we
took at Woodfair. The setting was beautiful ... (more about
Larmer Tree Gardens in the next part) and we saw some beautiful
sunsets .... and rain clouds.

we had very mixed feelings about the show and it didn't help that
we had to set up in the rain and mud.
there was some great stuff at the show, lots of conservation stands
and some lovely traditional old crafts still being practiced, but the
shopping marque that we were in wasn't reserved just for
designer makers with their own original ideas, designs
and work unfortunately.

there were a handful of stands that were good, like
Jonathan Garratt with his beautiful terracotta pots & tableware,
and our friend David Baker had new work on show, but most of the
stands were traditional woodwork rather than original design.

we enjoyed meeting Terry and his son Lee from Dorset Coppicing Ltd
who made some really lovely traditional work, like besom brooms
and the old fashioned tent pegs, ect.

despite the weather we still had a good show.
we caught up with some old friends, chatted to some lovely people,
made a few new contacts & sold out of lanterns.

{part 2 soon}

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