26 September 2009

a sort of day off

we had a really nice day on thursday.
we had to deliver some work to a gallery in St.Ives, so decided
to spend the day in that part of Cornwall.

We were really lucky to catch the end of some open studios
going on in St.Ives, in a building that we have yearned to
look inside for the longest time - more about that in the next post.
And we stopped in at one of our favourite galleries, a little further on
down the coast, to see their latest exhibition
(more about that soon too).

the rest of our day was spent on one of our
favourite beaches - relaxing, reading, surfing - and it felt
like summer (not the rainy kind).

and we saw a beautiful sunset on the beach near St.Michael's Mount
and the twinkling lights of Penzance.

not bad for a sort of day off.


  1. This looks like a perfect place for an enjoyable day off. Cornwall has long been on our list of 'must visit' when in the UK. Hopefully next time we'll get there.

  2. Hi, what a lovely blog you have here, Beautiful pics! Have a sweet day! x