26 June 2009

bread & pots

thursday was a busy day for us, delivering work to galleries and checking out some new places too - lots of driving about but a really lovely day. We had lunch in the very cool Town Mill Bakery in Coombe Street in Lyme Regis - a must if you are in the area and if you aren't you should go there anyway. The food is really good, very simple and rustic and served on lovely old bread boards in nice earthy ceramic bowls. Tables are long with benches so the place has a real sociable feel and we love the simplistic decor, plyboard walls, steel girders for table bases, old wooden boxes for shelving, books for you to read, just a very real kind of a place. I would have taken some pictures but wasn't sure if they would mind, but after looking at their website they say they are cool with it. Take a look at their website here.

we also stopped in at one of the other open studios taking part in art trek - the gallery at 360° based in the Old Sawmills at Filleigh near South Molten. The building and gallery space is beautiful - if you get a chance to visit them we recommend it. We especially wanted to see Jacob van der Beugel's ceramic installations and where he works now. We had seen a collection of his work at Toast in Bath and thought it was stunning. His studio is right next to the gallery so you can see quite a selection of work and a new piece he is working on too (the installation pictured is at the gallery). Other work in the exhibition includes fine furniture, glass, paintings and drawings by resident artists and guest artists. The exhibition runs until the 28th june.

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