8 May 2009

nuno nuno books

suké suké: the emperor's new fabrics

1. revealing, allowing the other side (inside) to show through.
2. sheer, gossamer, diaphanous; translucent.
3. flimsy; so thin as to present no barrier.

nuno nuno book volume 2 gathers together 22 fabrics literally of suké suké ("see-through") clarity.

kira kira: the polish of power

1. glittering, glistening, glimmering, twinkling, sparkling: shiny.
2. dazzling, brilliant, bright.
3. resplendant, gala; gaily attired (cf. kirabiyaka finely appointed).
4. high-pitched and intermittent (as in laughter).

nuno nuno book volume 5 showcases 26 kira kira ("shiny") fabrics.


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