8 March 2010

a little giveaway over at our new blog

we are having a little giveaway over at our new blog
(this is now our old blog, so we won't be posting here anymore)

to be in with a chance of winning
simply visit our new blog,
add yourself as a follower over at the new blog
and read our little giveaway post for instructions.

our new blog:

good luck!

28 February 2010

our new blog and a little giveaway

we're moving .... well, this little blog of ours is.
we have done a little spring cleaning and
will be posting from this new address from now on -

we hope that you will continue to read & follow our new blog
and, if you have us in your blog lists, please change it to the
new address, thankyou.

to celebrate the move & the new look, we'll be having a little
giveaway soon - it will be open to all (but those in the followers list
of the new blog will have an extra chance).

we are going to leave this blog up for a while, but this will be
our last post here - hope to see you all over at the new place.

23 February 2010

thankyou monica

the lovely Monica from one of our favourite blogs of paper & things,
did a feature on our work - what a lovely lovely surprise,
thankyou Monica.

22 February 2010

where did a month go ?

sorry for not posting for a while - we didn't mean to miss a month!
we've had lots going on and a few changes coming up.

this is what we have been doing over the last 4 weeks:

glenn broke his wrist
the cast came off last week but he still can't work yet
I cut the end of my finger off
(well a bit of it) it's healing now
making lantern orders
slower than usual (due to my finger)
posting off website orders
(thankyou for buying our work)
sorting out our stock room ....
organization finally
catching up on loads of paperwork
(glenn can't wait to get back to the workshop now!)
planning a new exhibition for early 2011 .....
we are really excited about it - details at a later date
finalized details with a couple of new stockists ....
details soon
and sorting out a few changes
more about that very soon too
and quite a bit more
but this list would get too long

how has the last month been for you ?

27 January 2010

louise loder

we love these tools & vessels by louise loder

a mix of silver, driftwood and beach find,
the objects are beautiful in their simplicity


24 January 2010

wilson a. bentley - snowflakes

Wilson A. Bentley was the first person to capture the image
of a single snowflake with a camera

fascinated with snowflakes, Bentley rigged up a microscope
to a bellows camera and took images of individual snowflakes

the year was 1885 and the technology became known as

in 1931, Bentley's groundbreaking book "Snow Crystals", recorded
the beautiful designs and fragility of 2,500 snowflakes

"under the microscope, I found that snowflakes were miracles
of beauty; & it seemed a shame that this beauty should not
be seen & appreciated by others.
every crystal was a masterpiece of design, & no one design
was ever repeated.
when a snowflake melted, that design was forever lost."

a few weeks after his book was published, Wilson A. Bentley,
walking through a blizzard, caught pneumonia and died.

{read & see more here}